Applying For a Scholarship Or Fellowship From an International Organization

International student grants are a great way for college and university students to fund their higher education in Canada. One way that non-recourse financial awards can help pay for your studies in Canada is via scholarships, which aren’t necessarily pay for you to go to school in Canada. Some scholarships available are based on merit, others based on the student’s area of study. Other scholarships are simply awarded to those foreign students that demonstrate an interest in going to school in Canada or who have plans to do so. There are also scholarships available that are specific to certain types of professionals, like nurses or pharmacists. These types of scholarships will typically require the applicant to demonstrate their interest and ability to effectively function in Canada before they are awarded the scholarship.


The eligibility requirements for any Canadian scholarship will vary according to the scholarship provider. Most providers of Canadian scholarships will review an applicant’s academic performance but will generally require the recipient to have been out of high school for at least two years. Foreign students seeking scholarships must usually be eligible through their parent’s country of residence. However, some programs are targeted at particular fields and types of professionals, including those who are studying to become nurses or pharmacists in Canada. If you’re an eligible candidate for a specific type of scholarship, it’s important to apply for the award as early as possible, as scholarship funding is usually distributed shortly after the deadlines for accepted applications.


Most graduate scholarships in Canada are offered either on a one-year or two-year basis. There are some exceptions, including some fellowship and research fellowship programs. The eligibility requirements for awarding fellowships generally vary according to the degree sought. For example, while most fellowships are awarded to Ph.D. candidates, doctoral degree candidates are ineligible for most fellowship funding. Another exception to this general rule is fellowship funding for post-Doctorate Students, which is available to candidates in various disciplines who have completed their Ph.D. or equivalent degree in an applicable field.


It is possible to apply for a scholarship or fellowship outside of Canada, although it is usually more difficult to do so. A potential donor must typically be Canadian, although some private Canadian institutions also offer an exception to this rule. Many private, Canadian institutions that provide scholarship funding do require proof of citizenship or immigration status. Some require that the potential donor has obtained a visa to reside in Canada or have otherwise entered into the country illegally.


Scholarships and fellowships can also be awarded to university graduate students studying abroad. In cases where a university resident is unable to obtain an award from a Canadian institution due to insufficient eligibility, there are other sources of funding available to non-residents of Canada. For example, some companies and organizations sponsor grants for university and college students. These programs require that the scholarship recipient agree to work full-time at the university or college for a specific period of time. However, there are often opportunities for full-time study in other countries.


Students considering awards should keep in mind that scholarships are not limited to those pursuing graduate or professional studies. In addition to government and private organizations providing financial aid, there are a number of private organizations that provide assistance to undergraduate students, regardless of their background. The most common awards for these are tuition fee scholarships or fellowships. Regardless of whether a student chooses to pursue an award from a Canadian organization, a private organization, or federal/provincial/local government agency, they will likely qualify for one or more of the existing range of scholarships and fellowships listed above.

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