The Average Life Span of An LED Is 11 Years

Their use in various serious applications such as brake lights, traffic lights and emergency exits has proven their reliability and long life. Today, because of their many advantages, they are widely used in almost all possible lighting applications. From outdoor to indoor to commercial to commercial and industrial use, LED has permeated every aspect of our lives and is growing in popularity. With prices falling, there is no reason to exclude anyone from the LED revolution.


LEDs are composed of microchips similar to those found in computers and do not require filaments or glass bulbs to convert electricity directly into light. There is no filament in the LED, which eliminates the risk of burnout of the delicate glass bulb and reduces the heat generated by it. The chip is encapsulated in strong plastic and can be processed in any desired shape.


LED lamps have a longer life than ordinary glass lamps and save valuable energy and money. The average life of LEDs is 100,000 hours or about 11 years, not including the time to turn off the LEDs, which means that less usage can extend the life of the LEDs, which is different from the situation where traditional incandescent lamps are almost guaranteed to burst for this time. Remember when you decorated your garden these stained-glass lamps went out and you will patiently replace them with ongoing traditions? LED allows you to pay more attention to decoration without having to maintain the lamps!

All these attractive features make LED an ideal choice for landscape lighting. If your home is as big as usual, the cost of lighting for the home will be high, but in the long run, using wonderful things called light-emitting diodes is economical and practical.

The use of flame-retardant plastic is almost indestructible and the temperature emitted by the LED is low, making it not easy to burn out. In addition, the decoration of these lamps can give new meanings: the decoration of certain brands is beautiful, and the cut surface of each lamp is cut to create a beautiful and unique sparkling effect. Look around flowering trees, shrubs or cool fountains; such a light show will be very beautiful. The colors of LEDs are red, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, blue and white, and many other colors and hue styles.

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