Save Energy and Extend the Bulb Life

You won’t believe all the ways to use a 5-foot LED fluorescent lamp to save energy and extend the life of the lamp. They are great for coolers, refrigerators and other types of business needs. They will not vibrate from vibrations. This is a common killer of traditional incandescent bulbs. Some people think there is not enough space in the freezer or refrigerator, but this is entirely due to these vibrations.
If your cabinets provide cold drinks or food, provide adequate lighting. Don’t underestimate the value that 5-foot LED fluorescent lights can provide. Not only can it help customers find the items on the list, but it can also trick them into putting items in a shopping cart that they can see and take home.

Choose your color
You can also choose the color of the 5-foot LED tube. Common colors are matte and transparent. For some monitors, you may prefer a multicolor monitor. You can run them on as low as 90 volts or as high as 290 volts. They are versatile and easy to install.

They can also be used under the company’s counter to provide some extra lighting. You may want to keep the lighting low to create a good atmosphere. However, it would help if you had something that people can see without being distracting. This may be the ideal setting to control lighting and get great results.

After the changes are made, there will be plans for all changes to take effect soon! For those who are skeptical, it will take time to sell it. Buying one or a few and then trying them out is a good start. This allows you to make comparisons and see for yourself the differences that 5ft LED tube lights can offer.

Do you find the difference when you often hear that LEDs last longer? With a 1.20 meter long LED fluorescent lamp, you can expect a service life of 8,000 to 24,000 hours. Of course, it depends on the specific product and brand you are buying. Don’t be fooled into buying cheap counterfeit products. Make sure to verify the business and lifespan.

You want this to be an excellent investment, and the only way to do it is to make sure you get a good product that you can rely on. Otherwise, you may feel that the product has lived up to the publicity. When you can pay a reasonable price and get a nice product in return, you will not be used.

Replace G13
You can easily replace any G13 with a 1.5 meter long LED tube. Just eject the old one and put the new one in the slot. You can save energy, lower your electricity bill and provide good lighting. Because LEDs never get hot, they are ideal for freezers, coolers and refrigerated displays.
They do not suffer from moisture so that they can last a long time. Since the burn time of LED lamps is much longer than the traditional G13 used in such devices, you save money altogether. Making changes is a wise move and a wise business investment. The fluorescent lighting in the refrigerator often fails due to temperature and vibrations.

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