Best Places to Travel in Thailand With Family

Chiang Mai is among the best places to visit in Thailand if you are a nature lover. The northern town has so much to offer from a shopping experience that takes you back in time to a vibrant modern city lifestyle that you will not soon forget. Not only lush natural beauty to view but also smaller and more family friendly than its big brother, Chiang Mai. Here you will find everything from roadside eateries serving delicious western style meals to theme parks, adventure activities and even a couple of world-class casinos.


Hua Hin Beaches One of the best parts to Chiang Mai is its very own laid back beaches and this is where visitors to the country will want to spend their holiday time. Visitors are often offered a range of activities on and off the beach, which means that there is something for everyone here. Visitors can take a long leisurely walk along the pristine sandy beaches or perhaps try their luck in the waters. Both provide visitors with a relaxing and pampering experience whilst at the same time being near some of Thailand’s best nightlife spots such as Khao Suk. If you love shopping then make sure you check out the range of shops which offer some of the best electronics and clothes here in Hua Hin.


Patong Beach This family trip favorite is one of Thailand’s most popular beaches. The area is very affordable, so you can even come during the low season and still save a lot of money. The ideal weather is almost always found in the month of April, which means you can expect to be able to find some great sun during your stay here. It is the ideal place for family fun and activities with lots of options for people of all ages. Another great reason to book a holiday with us is that we offer discount accommodation which can prove to be extremely economical when you are on a family trip.


Ko Samui Beach This is another family destination on the island of Thailand. This is a quiet and relaxing spot which is perfect for couples to come and spend time together. If you are looking for a quieter beach with fewer tourists than Ko Samui is perfect for you. It has some of the best beaches in Thailand, which means that families can relax and enjoy without having to go over top with excitement. There is usually less overcrowding here at these beaches and that makes it even better for families to visit.


Phuket or Patong Beaches Phuket and Patong beaches are world-famous but do not let this put you off. If you are planning a Thailand tour in the coming months and would like to visit some of the best beaches in Thailand, then Phuket and Patong offer you some of the best beach resorts in the country. With hundreds of miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and some of the most sought after theme parks and water parks in Thailand, Phuket and Patong offer you the ultimate family holiday package.


The best Thailand holidays are not always about the beaches however. If you are looking for some amazing countryside, this is the place to go. Some of Thailand’s best countryside is located in the northern areas of the country. It is surrounded by mountains that provide fantastic hiking and camping opportunities. There are also many wonderful ruins to explore and many wildlife species to view. One of the best parts of going on a natural Thailand holiday is the vast array of wildlife and scenery that you will be able to see and come across.


Chiang Mai The city of Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s best kept secrets. Chiang Mai is known for being one of Thailand’s largest city and a center for local Thai culture. It is also home to some of Thailand’s best museums and theme parks. When taking part in a theme park vacation, you will need to make sure that you take your children with you as many theme parks in Thailand do not allow children to ride on their own.


Ko Samui Having long been known as a retirement haven for the older generation, Samui is a wonderful place to spend your Thai family trip. Situated in the Andaman Sea, Ko Samui is world-famous for its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife. There is no better way to spend a relaxing and carefree holiday than at one of the many popular beaches in Ko Samui. You can either choose to stay at one of the beautiful and idyllic resorts or stay at a guest house where you will be able to mingle with other tourists. There are several wonderful restaurants in Ko Samui to eat at after you have enjoyed the many activities available on the island.

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