Best Places to Travel in Thailand

The northern capital of Thailand has so much to give, and it is on the list of best places to travel in Thailand by family. With peaceful mountains, natural attractions, ancient monuments, markets, entertainment and so much more, Chiang Mai is undoubtedly the best destination for a wonderful family outing in Thailand. This city is also popular for its nightlife and shopping. You can enjoy shopping at night here if you prefer to do your shopping in the late evening. If you are a lover of good food, you will love the variety of restaurants in this city.


Chiang Mai is one of the best destinations to visit for nature lovers and adventurers. It offers numerous sightseeing spots for you to discover on your own or take advantage of guided tours. One of these places is the National Park, where you will get to see some of the most beautiful beaches in all over the world. The beaches here are mostly shaded by coconut trees and surrounded by thick forested hillsides. The National Park also provides you a chance to go trekking to the Samui region’s beaches which are usually clear water and cool.


Koh Samui, also known as the Pearl Coast is also one of the best places to travel in thailand with family. Its beaches are relatively smaller than those of Chiang Mai, but it offers a different kind of atmosphere. It is much calmer and there are fewer people and less crowding on the beaches. It is therefore perfect for a relaxing family trip.


If you are traveling to Phuket, Thailand on a family holiday, you will be looking out for one of the best family destinations to travel in Phuket. This place is a great place for couples to spend their honeymoons, romantic breaks, or for simple vacations. There are many hotels and resorts in Phuket that offer a wide range of facilities including restaurants, bars, day cares and water parks. However, it is worth mentioning that in order to save money, you can always try to visit the cheaper beaches in Phuket like Patong, Karon, Phi and Soi Bangla. At these cheaper beaches you will have fun playing on the beach, splashing in the waters, visiting various theme parks and water parks, and generally enjoying yourself. Moreover, at these beaches, you will also get an opportunity to hear the best Phuket travel guides.


Krabi is also one of the best places to travel to in Thailand with family and is famous for its pristine sandy beaches, natural beauty, sandy resorts, and amusement parks. Krabi even has its own international airport and many tourists come over to Krabi to spend their holiday relaxing and sunbathing. In addition to being one of the best places to travel to Phuket, Krabi also offers an inexpensive holiday experience with cheap airfares to the destination. Many people from across the world fly to Krabi to enjoy their holiday here.


Another popular destination in Thailand that you might want to consider when looking for the best family destination in Phuket is Phuket’s largest city Phuket Town. Here you will find a picturesque landscape that is surrounded by a scenic sea. Along with the scenic beauty of Phuket Town, the island of Phuket also offers other tourist attractions such as underwater hot springs, adventure sports, museums, temples and amusement parks. For animal lovers, there are a number of nature parks in the vicinity of Phuket Town, which is also a great attraction for visitors. While here on vacation, you will definitely want to visit the underwater hot springs in the sea around Phuket Town.


If you are interested in enjoying the best beaches in Thailand, you could try visiting Ko Samui. It is an island just north of Phuket Town, which is famous for its white sandy beaches and gentle natural surrounding. The beaches of Ko Samui attract many travelers from around the world who come to enjoy its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. There are many tourist attractions in and around Ko Samui, including the national park, Ayutthaya national park, etc.


For some wonderful wildlife, try visiting the three national parks in northern Thailand – Phang-Nga National Park, Phang Pai National Park and the renowned Yai Bok National Park. All these destinations are best for nature enthusiasts. While here on safari, make sure to get out into the wilderness of northern Thailand and watch wild animals and insects in their natural habitat. There are several more destinations in northern Thailand that you can visit while on holiday in Phuket or Bangkok. These are some of the best places to see while you travel to northern Thailand.

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