How to Travel Around Cambodia on Your Holiday

Cambodia is a safe country to travel to for an expat like myself, although it does at times experience problems with low petty crime, mainly towards foreign tourists. Always carry plenty of cash and keep a copy of your passport and visa handy. I also recommend that you get a local driver if possible, as they are much better able to guide you than an American tourist. This can really help when traveling in the night.


Getting around Cambodia on a motorcycle is surprisingly easy and cheap. Most cities have bike stands along the main roads, and they are fairly inexpensive. Try to stay away from the shacks and vending machines and try to stick to the main arteries and boulevards. If you are travelling on a Moto though, try to find a good hotel in the district so that you can use it to get around Cambodia when needed.


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and one of the most popular places to travel to and from Cambodia by motorcycle. It is relatively safe in Bangkok and has all the main public transports. You will need to get a visa before travelling to Thailand if you are going to continue on to Cambodia or other parts of the world. Some people do suggest that Thailand is safer than Cambodia, but that is debatable. I certainly don’t recommend travelling to any part of the country without a visa. If you’re going to combine your travel plans with a holiday in Bangkok, you should consider a cheap flight to Phuket, then take a cruise to the islands and arrive in time for the weekend.


Travelling from Phuket to the far eastern part of Thailand is quite feasible by car and bus but for greater flexibility you can travel on a motorbike. Battambang is the capital of Phuket and has the best restaurants and hotels. The trip takes about two days and costs just 30 Baht.


Travelling from Phuket to the east coast and travelling to the Khmer region is much more pleasant than travelling from Phuket to the west coast. The landscape is very different and the people are much more friendly. One-day trips are possible from Phuket to Phang-Nga and from there you can see the spectacular scenery of the region including the lovely towns of Tonle Sap Lake and Tin Mine. These two cities also have fantastic trekking trails.


Travelling from Siem Reap to Krabi is similar to travelling from Phuket to Bangkok. A number of motorbike taxis can be picked up from the airport and driven to many of the popular tourist areas. It is possible to hire a motorbike taxi to journey to the rest of the country, and you will find many photos in Phu Phi Doo, Wat Mongkol Nimit and Krabi Town. There are many motorbike taxis available all day long in Phu Phi Doo, but travelling further afield can take quite a long time.


Travelling from Koh Racha to Krabi allows you to experience a completely different culture. Whilst in Krabi the main attractions are the small Buddhist temples, which are often dotted around the small town. From Koh Racha you can travel by bus to the centers of towns such as Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap Lake and the Mekong Delta. From here you can travel by train, and you can also travel by road. There are buses along the old Silk Road that criss-cross the country and connect the towns. From Sihanoukville you can travel by train and from there you can travel by either road or by foot.


When travelling around Cambodia on your holiday, you may be tempted to stay in one of the larger cities, like Phnom Phen, Sihanoukville or Krabi Town. However, travelling on a budget is difficult when staying in one of the larger cities. Rather than staying in a hotel you should consider travelling to one of the smaller towns and staying in a B&B. By choosing this option you can save money each night and can save up to 40% on the hotel price. While there you will also be able to experience a different culture and way of life.

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