Siem Reap, The Best Tourist Destination in Cambodia

Travel to Phnom Phen, the capital city of Cambodia, can be both exciting and adventurous. The diverse landscape, numerous temples, and other landmarks, coupled with the vibrant nightlife are reasons enough to consider a trip to Phnom Phen. However, tourists should exercise caution when enjoying their vacation in the numerous temples in Phnom Phen. Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts for tourists who travel to Phnom Phen.


Do wear cheap jewelry in public. Although many of the temples in Phnom Phen have glass-front doors, some are made from lead and other heavy materials. You may be required to purchase travel insurance for this part of your trip, especially if you intend to travel to Phnom Phen to order to buy souvenirs. Be aware that even if you are not required to purchase a travel insurance policy, it is strongly suggested that you at least carry a small travel insurance. In addition, travel insurance usually covers any baggage or personal items lost during your trip, and it may also cover emergencies that occur while you are traveling abroad.


Don’t rent a car. Although it is common for most travelers to rent a car upon arrival in Phnom Phen, there are no public transport services in Phnom Phen, and so it is important to plan your itinerary prior to arriving in Phnom Phen. If you do rent a car, it is advised that you travel by road. If you travel by road, ensure that you travel in groups, because buses are generally unsafe for backpackers.


Do bring an extra set of clothes. The weather in Phnom Phen can be very hot and humid, particularly during the evening. Be sure to have a set of clothes, which you can change depending on the temperature, with you when you travel. You will also need extra clothes or else you will get a good sweat when traveling to places such as Battambang. A rain jacket and waterproof footwear are ideal for this kind of travel, especially for those who are traveling to mountainous areas.


Bring a small portable water filter. In addition to carrying water and using it yourself, it is also important to carry a small portable water filter. A small water filter is not essential, but it will help to save a lot of time. A portable water filter can be bought from any electronic shop in Phnom Phen. Also, be sure to have a small bit of rice and coconut milk handy in case you experience diarrhea while traveling in Cambodia, as both these foods are easily consumed when diarrhea occurs.


If you are traveling to Ta Prohm, make sure you have at least two days to explore this town. You can get to know the town by asking around in Siem Reap or asking for travel guides in Phnom Phen. For more information about traveling to Ta Prohm, visit the Society for Protective Travel and the American Friends of the World – Si Neem Foundation.

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