Things To Do When Travelling To Cambodia In The Rainy Season

If you’re looking for where to travel next, deciding where to go could be hard. With plenty of travellers discovering great new places to visit, including Cambodia, every year. When travelling in Cambodia, there’s so much to find including gorgeous beaches, friendly local people and exciting cities. This is where to travel in Cambodia with this detailed guide giving an overview of all the possible destinations worth visiting. Some of the more popular stops include Phnom Phen city, the capital town of Phnom Phen which has a lot to offer visitors.


The capitals of both Phnom Phen and Siem Reap are packed full of adventure and modern urban life making them ideal holiday destinations for travellers looking to relax and experience new cultures. Whilst in Phnom Phen, you will definitely want to check out the floating market which allows travellers the opportunity to haggle and buy and sell goods. Siem Reap is the second most important city in Cambodia and is packed full of skyscrapers, historic buildings, markets, museums and world-class facilities. Whilst in Siem Reap you’ll also want to take in the fun nightlife and shop at one of the many shopping centres. With plenty to see and do whilst on your trip, travel advice is essential to ensure that travellers see everything they want to.


Other popular stops when travelling to Cambodia include Angkor Wat, one of the most popular places in all of Asia, and it’s well worth visiting even during the rainy season. The temples are absolutely beautiful and there are lots of things to explore around the temple including the huge replica of Angkor Wat. Travelers who have visited the temples during the rainy season have described them as some of the most beautiful places in all of Asia. Whilst travelling to Cambodia you should take the time to soak up some history and culture at the many historic temples around Cambodia.

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