Tips For Traveling to the Southeast Asia

Cambodia’s capital is Phnom Phen city. You will probably be staying at a high quality hotel or resort. This city is famous for its cheap hotels, excellent facilities and transportation system, its nightlife, and its food. The tourism industry has grown substantially in Phnom Phen as of late. Tourists continue to increase the number of travelers visiting Phnom Phen every year.


Exercise increased security in:


Angkor Wat – Angkor is Asia’s largest: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor is located in the yard of a crumbling 16th century-old colonial edifice. If you are traveling to Phnom Phen or other cities in northern Cambodia, ensure that you are traveling through the districts surrounding Angkor Wat. Be sure that you have a passport and a valid visa upon arrival. Also, be wary of the risk of picking up a bit of souvenir pillage from vendors in the area. Most tourists tend to be more carefree about picking up souvenirs in the areas surrounding Angkor Wat. The risk of getting ripped off increases considerably if you travel through the coastal area of central Cambodia instead of travelling up the hill towards the capital of Phnom Phen.


Your Best Route. Although the road to Angkor Wat may be long and bumpy due to the many small-town vendors along the way, it is still one of the most scenic ways to travel from Phnom Phen. You can also take a private tour from Phnom Phen. Private tours are often much more cost-effective than the standard tour packages offered by hotels and attractions throughout Cambodia. So if you are planning to travel to this region of central Cambodia, I highly recommend that you use private tour operators.


Your Best Route. If you are planning to travel to the northeast of Phnom Phen, make sure that you are traveling through the province of Kompong Phluk, through the Khmer ruins at Angkor Wat, and finally to Siem Reap. There are many historical sites to see and a number of great places to stay. On your journey from Angkor Wat, you will be able to visit the town of Kompong Phluk, which is located a few kilometers from Angkor Wat and is a popular tourist spot. Just be sure to avoid traveling any deeper into Kompong Phluk when traveling to the northeast of Phnom Phen.


Your Best Route During the Dry Season. Despite warnings from the Department of Tourism in Cambodia, it is still possible to travel to the Southeast Asia throughout the dry season. You should plan your Cambodia tours during the low periods between May and September, when the weather in Cambodia is not as hot. However, the high temperature that remains for the rest of the year can make it very hot and humid, especially in the months of October to March.

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